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FUELLING SAFETY - by Stephen - displayed at Saxon Moorings SL4 2JW

Stephen | Published wed Mar 20, 2019 8:04 pm | 169 Views

Fuelling Safety 
In recent waterway incidents a common factor was the presence of visitors 
A guest unfamiliar with a boat was tasked with holding the boatyard's dispensing petrol-pump nozzle and momentarily introduced it into the toilet pump-out deck-fitting. Fumes accumulated in the boat leading to an explosion and injury when the cruise resumed. 
Visitors ahead of a cruise were inside a moored boat when someone used a handheld igniter to light the gas-ring for their coffee while the skipper was fuelling. Spillage fumes ignited explosively causing injury, and the vessel's complete destruction including some adjacent craft. 
Visitors ahead of a cruise were inside a moored boat while fuel was being poured by the owner from a jerry can when an unapproved fridge installation ignited a spillage explosively, causing the vessel's destruction and injury to four people on board. An air ambulance was required.
Even experienced skippers are urged to insist that no-one be aboard, except themselves if unavoidable, while fuelling is in progress and to exercise extreme caution and awareness concerning the entry of explosive fumes. As a potential source of ignition all appliances must be turned off beforehand and remain off until you are satisfied that any fumes lying low in the boat have dissipated and there is no risk. 
No smoking.
A starter-motor could be the source of ignition of both gas and fuel fumes. Fit and use a flame-proof bilge blower for several minutes before starting the engine at any time.
Do not allow yourself to be rushed in your safety checks and procedures by the presence of your Crew or Guests and exposing them to hazard and severe distress.

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