Freeman 22 (I think!) Restoration Project

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Freeman 22 (I think!) Restoration Project

Post by Martyn on Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:01 pm

I have acquired a very tired Freeman, probably a 22, with what looks like a sound hull but missing some windows and stuff.  Engine, gearbox and prop shaft are in place and look OK.  It is currently sat on a 4-wheel trailer, not properly secured and work would be needed to make it all roadworthy.
I have set no price on it, nor will there be an auction - it will be first come, first served and go to whoever wants it and makes a sensible offer for it (we are not talking £k here!).
It is very definitely a restoration task, far beyond me but it seems a shame to have to junk what could be a useful cruiser. As I said, all the main bits seem to be there, with what looks like a spare set of instruments and wiring looking like a rat's nest because of some half-completed work going on before the owner passed away.
If anyone is interested, please send me private message and I will email some pix to help you decide one way or another.

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